Value-Added Services

Network Analysis

Network Analysis The network analysis will focus on the core functions of transportation, warehousing and inventory.

Freight Consolidation Services

Freight Consolidation Services A freight consolidation program, while simple in concept but difficult to execute, can be a major game changer in the profitability of any distribution channel. Through co-loading, GEODIS’s customers have seen cost savings up to 15-20% over traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) rates.

Freight Audit and Pay

Freight Audit and Pay GEODIS’s Freight Audit and Pay team processes more than 32,000 invoices every week in the US. Our Match Pay process improves accuracy and timeliness. With 99.1% of freight charges paid on a single payment, balance due invoices are eliminated. By utilizing our Freight Audit and Pay team, you gain another resource on your side. Our team ensures the accuracy of your invoices for all modes and will negotiate and recover costs on your behalf.



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