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Transportation Management System (TMS)

From unique customer rating requirements to reporting, GEODIS’s TMS can provide a single view to manage your shipments and drive compliance with your carriers. Our TMS is integrated with our WMS to provide a single point of integration for our customers.  We also offer flexible integration options when our customer is using their own WMS.

The GEODIS IT team can manage the integration into internal systems, and our Operations team can manage the day to day planning and tendering of shipments. Our administrative resources can manage freight payment, claims, and carrier contracts.

TMS Capabilities

  • Order planning - Consolidation of orders, Multi day consolidation, Transit consideration, Multi stop optimization, Pool Points
  • Rating & Routing - Optimal mode selection , Optimal Carrier selection (Price & Transit), Routing rules
  • Carrier Tendering - Electronic tenders (EDI or Web), Electronic acceptance, Carrier capacity considerations
  • Shipment Tracking - Proactive monitoring, EDI updates from carriers, Issue resolution
  • Settlement – Carrier invoicing, payment, file and manage claims, carrier contract management and compliance
  • Reporting – Performance, Opportunities / What If?, Data capture for analysis, Carrier performance & scorecards

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Whether your order volumes average 75,000 a year or ramp up to 17 straight days of 75,000 orders per day, our WMS technology can scale to fit your business. Our warehouse technology is integrated with our TMS and LMS technology to provide a seamless transition from the warehouse to your customer's door.

Built from the ground up... and still building

GEODIS's tier warehouse management system provides hundreds of features and functionality that can be customized to the needs of your business. From inbound receiving to inventory management to outbound shipments, our FDA validated WMS provides real-time reporting for important metrics such as inventory accuracy, cycle counting, and dock-to-stock. Our WMS was built to handle the complexities of some of the biggest challenges in warehouse management such as eFulfillment, returns management, small parcel rating and routing, and more. For 14 years, we have been continually building and improving our Warehouse Management System with the goal of delivering the best of the best in WMS technology for our customers.

What to expect with GEODIS's WMS:

  • Full radio frequency (RF) technology enabling electronic scanning for pick, pack, and ship
  • Reduced labor costs through efficiency improvements in the warehouse
  • Web-based platform: our new and improved mobile friendly online portal allows our customers to schedule automated reports, set up alerts for any failures, and monitor your warehouse on the go.

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Labor Management System (LMS)

The cost of labor constitutes more than 50% of a warehouse's operating costs. If there were such a labor management system that enabled you to monitor your labor, measure productivity based on standards, and improve the areas of weakness, would you hop on board the LMS train?

First stop, productivity enhancements. Second stop, cost savings.

GEODIS's labor management system is seamlessly integrated with our WMS systems and enables you to continuously measure productivity within your warehouse. By tracking and monitoring direct and indirect labor, our LMS provides our engineers with the data to identify opportunities to improve labor productivity, reduce labor costs, better manage and plan labor, and most importantly drive efficiencies within the warehouse. 

What are the benefits of using GEODIS's LMS to monitor your labor?

  • We report performance trends to our customers, providing visibility into labor productivity
  • We identify employees that may need additional training, ensuring all employees are performing at or above the same level
  • We identify and improve procedures that are causing inefficiencies, continuously improving warehouse operations
  • We have a developed program to reward high performers, encouraging employees to work efficiently



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