Ocean Freight

With a global network and industry expertise, GEODIS offers ocean freight solutions that help its clients to achieve exceptional balance between cost and time. The company partners with best-in-class ocean liners and suppliers to ensure all shipments receive quality handling.

Order to cash

FCL (Full Container Load) and LCL (Less Container Load)

Full Container Load: FCL is a freight solution that involves shipping a full container as a single unit. For customers, this is generally the most efficient way to move products with a sizable volume worldwide. We work with expert ocean carriers and handling professionals to make sure your shipment are handled with care.

Less Container Load: LCL is best option for you if your cargo volumes don’t fill a complete container. Goods are consolidated on our side to maximize load factors of containers. Thus we are combining goods that are heading the same direction on certain routes, leveraging ocean freight’s economies of scale for you.

We organize all ocean freight traffic on a multi-carrier principle to optimize cost and time of the transportation process. 

Our offering also includes:

  • Door-to-door shipments to all continents
  • Dedicated operational staff
  • Optimization of your transportation cost and competitive rates
  • Use of all types of shipping containers in line with customer´s needs and requirements

You can access your shipment status across the supply chain GEODIS Freight Forwarding’s Web-based application called IRIS for shipment visibility and monitoring. We provide access to detailed historical and anticipated shipment information, including commercial invoices and packing lists, via any standard Internet browser.

Buyer’s Consolidation & Vendor Management

We dedicate extensive resources to developing and maintaining a highly effective consolidation solution for LCL market. We provide both traditional LCL services and multi-vendor buyers’ consolidations for shipments sourced from single and multiple countries on both origin and destination.

With our global gateways located in strategic locations around the world and LCL global sailing schedule tool, you can be ensured that your cargo will be consolidated and delivered in time and cost effectively manner.  

Our clients are equipped with capability to manage their shipments via web-enabled IT solutions enhancing our LCL services with features such as track-and-trace, order management and monitoring to provide you with event data and transparency through the tool called IRIS.

Dangerous Good Handling

At GEODIS, we are committed to delivering the best services as promised, including the transportation of Dangerous Goods.

Dangerous Goods are handled by an experienced team who makes sure that the documentation and packaging of these shipments receive the highest priority. 

We take on the challenges of handling of dangerous goods for our customers by ocean freight. Therefore, GEODIS follows the IMDG* code stringently, taking proactive measures to protect the environment while professionally transporting these dangerous goods:

  • Category 1: Explosives 
  • Category 2: Gases, non-flammable gases and poisonous gases
  • Category 3: Flammable Liquid 
  • Category 4: Flammable Solids, spontaneously combustible and dangerous when wet 
  • Category 5: Oxidizing agent and organic peroxide
  • Category 6: Toxic substance
  • Category 7: Radioactive     
  • Category 8: Corrosive substance 
  • Category 9: Misc. dangerous goods

*The IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code is a set of rules and regulations that have set an industry standard for safely practicing the movement of Dangerous Cargo throughout international territories.


With reliable partners located in key transport hubs around the world, GEODIS is able to negotiate space on container vessels for break bulk cargo. We are one of the few forwarders with open channels to the right people in liner teams with knowledge of this type of shipping.

Coordination with the right people within the port is essential to allowing transportation to connect with vessels, storage and handling. Our experienced teams will meet and instruct the key personnel to ensure the correct methodology is employed by terminals, who are often more used to handling containers rather than specialist break bulk cargo.

  • Cost efficient and highly professional cargo handling
  • Efficient tally and supervision of cargo discharge/load
  • Continuous management at every stage of the shipment
  • On board stevedoring teams
  • Tarps, blankets, straps and pads
  • Freight recovery services
  • Hazardous shipment handling
  • Oversize / overweight cargo handling
  • Special permit requirements
  • Charter, part Charter and conventional services




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IRIS is a single platform for booking management, shipment milestones/deviations, invoice tracking & notification management. The application is connected with our entire network of offices and agents.