Healthcare Logistics

For Healthcare logistics, compliance and quality are crucial. GEODIS currently has 38 million square feet of flexible warehousing in 130 sites across the U.S. and Canada. We operate over 13 Healthcare campuses across our network. Many of our customers will occupy portions of buildings across the U.S. decreasing their transit time to IDNs, Distributors, Patients, or Retailers.


Ensuring compliance with the latest regulations, while managing inventory , security and cost, requires an experienced partner.  GEODIS works with some of the biggest names in Pharma from international origin to domestic destination. Our Air Freight and Customs Brokerage teams give our customers visibility into sensitive shipments through our technology application. Our warehousing team can create a custom solution one of our healthcare locations, or provide a labor solution at your own facility. Our WMS can capture serial numbers and lot codes, and any other information you might need for DQSA compliance.


GEODIS’s knows how to mitigate retailer compliance fines and penalties, and can help you maintain compliance when shipping to Big Box retailers. By having an integrated warehousing and transportation management solutions, many of our customers are able to eliminate or decrease retailer chargebacks for inappropriate labels, missed appointment windows, or other common retailer chargebacks.  Our temperature controlled logistics operations are fully licensed and cost-effectively serve many of the most popular OTC brands on the market.

Medical Device

Medical Device logistics is complex and highly time sensitive. GEODIS can manage an end-to-end solution for Medical Device customers and give them visibility throughout the entire process. We ship medical devices to doctor’s offices, hospitals, and sales reps across the U.S. Our warehouses can manage your primary inventory, be a point for forward-deployment field inventory, or help handle acquisition transition material.  Our WMS not only captures the information for the FDA, but can also capture serial numbers for specific devices.  

Home Healthcare

Customers expect their products immediately, at the lowest possible cost to them.  GEODIS’s direct-to-consumer product distributed over 45 million shipments in a single year. Our flexible warehousing network can allow you to service your customers from multiple locations across the U.S. GEODIS also is pre-integrated with small parcel carriers across the country, so we can create a multi-carrier solution for your direct-to-patient distribution model.

Health & Wellness

 All over the world, Health & Wellness continues to grow.With temperature controlled warehouses, registered with the FDA and state licensing agencies, and located on our large and efficient campus operations, GEODIS is ready to grow.   From whey protein powder to nutritional supplements, GEODIS makes sure that the product being shipping is done cost effectively, on time and within compliance.

Healthcare Provider Support

GEODIS’s 37 million square feet of flexible warehousing is a natural fit for hospitals and clinics. We can provide daily replenishment, better inventory tracking, reduction of inventory storage, and improved margin. Our inbound freight management program can reduce your freight spend while improving service, and even consolidate shipments from multiple manufacturers into a single shipment at your office or receiving door.


GEODIS has the following licenses, certifications and accreditations within our network

  • Verified- Accredited Wholesale Distributors (VAWD) Accreditation (Plainfield IN location)
  • Board of Pharmacy Licensing
  • State licensing
  • ISO Certification
  • Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Licensing
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant and validated WMS
  • American Association of Tissue Bank Licensing
  • CTPAT certified



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