GEODIS intern program promotes innovation

September, 19 2017

Launched by the Poughkeepsie (NY) office, the new global internship program during summer 2017 was aimed at promoting continuous innovation. By launching this project, the leadership team of GEODIS fostered innovative ideas for the company while giving the opportunity for local interns to collaborate with their colleagues around the world.

A team of six interns in Poughkeepsie hosted video conferences with similar teams in Guadalajara (Mexico), Endicott (NY) and Berlin (Germany). Each team presented an innovative project to be considered for implementation at the conclusion of the internship program.

Kick-off for this think tank type “innovation lab” in Poughkeepsie took place earlier in spring 2017, via a video conference with a GEODIS team in Guadalajara (Mexico) and Luca Silipo, Chief Economist who runs GEODIS’ World Lab based in Berlin. Preliminary discussions on industry trends and current innovations being developed with GEODIS took place.

The Poughkeepsie team completed mini projects throughout the summer based on professional development, business excellence and corporate values. The interns, along with members of the leadership team, also visited a 'fabrication lab' to develop their practical management skills.

“This summer’s think tank demonstrated a real commitment to innovation and disruption, not only did it give the interns an opportunity to share their perspective and experiences but it also instigated a change in our culture – where we embrace new ideas and assess the future of supply chain” said Eric St. Amand, Vice President, Americas for the Supply Chain Optimization Line of Business.



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