Freight Consolidation Services

A freight consolidation program, while simple in concept but difficult to execute, can be a major game changer in the profitability of any distribution channel. Through co-loading, GEODIS’s customers have seen cost savings up to 15-20% over traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) rates.

Consolidation has many other benefits to help you save.

Reduce Carbon Emissions, Transit Time, and Damaged

Because consolidation creates fewer LTL shipments, you can reduce your carbon emissions.

Because consolidation allows you to negotiate must arrive by dates (MABD), you can get your product on the shelves faster. As an added bonus, this can lower your non-compliance fees and chargebacks.

Because consolidation reduces in-transit touches to zero, compared to a typical LTL environment where freight is handled multiple times, there are fewer opportunities for damage to occur.



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