Freight Audit and Pay

GEODIS’s Freight Audit and Pay team processes more than 32,000 invoices every week in the US. Our Match Pay process improves accuracy and timeliness. With 99.1% of freight charges paid on a single payment, balance due invoices are eliminated. By utilizing our Freight Audit and Pay team, you gain another resource on your side. Our team ensures the accuracy of your invoices for all modes and will negotiate and recover costs on your behalf.

Dedicated Audit and Transportation Experts

With GEODIS’s Freight Audit and Pay, you aren’t just gaining another billing specialist to pay your invoices; you are getting a team of auditing and transportation experts. This team proactively monitors carrier aging reports in order to eliminate surprises such as balance dues or missing invoices. Our audit process identifies the root cause of exceptions so that action can be taken to eliminate future exceptions.

With our automated solution, our team is able to recover costs from items such as:

  • Small Parcel Freight
  • Service refunds
  • Erroneous address correction fees
  • Incorrect residential surcharges
  • Manifested not shipped
  • DIM Rating errors
  • Unsupported Accessorials
  • Contracted rates not applied
  • Invalid carrier reweighs
  • Invalid re-class or freight inspection
  • Incorrect mileage charged

Continuous Improvement for Additional Savings

From the initial meeting with GEODIS throughout the span of your relationship with us, GEODIS will continually analyze your shipments to drive continuous improvement and cost saving opportunities. Not only will our transportation experts identify missed opportunities, we also capture data that is used in detailed reporting analysis such as accurate accruals for financial reporting, cost breakdown for GL coding, and exception reason codes.



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