Foreign-Trade Zone

Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) activity for warehouse and distribution operations increased 45% year-over-year in 2013. Many companies are realizing, and capitalizing on the benefits of FTZ – whether it’s reduced Merchandise Processing Fees or improved cash flow. Let us help you see if it makes sense.

Order to cash

What makes GEODIS’s solution unique is our end-to-end management of a FTZ coupled with our and our pre-integrated systems to manage the entire process.

Decreased Costs and Increased Velocity

GEODIS’s FTZ implementation can save your company time and money due to established integration across transportationwarehousingFTZ Administrator, and U.S. Customs. Many customers realize a decrease in Merchandise Processing Fees (MPF), improved cash flow and expedited shipments through direct delivery to a warehouse.

Reduction of Risk

There is no doubt that Foreign-Trade Zone solutions are complex, but if done right, they can provide many benefits. Using GEODIS’s end-to-end management of customs clearanceFTZ administration, and customs reporting your risk substantially decreases by having our experienced staff managed the whole process. 

Diversified Experience

GEODIS has a wide variety of experience with Foreign-Trade Zones across industries including Retail, Fashion & Lifestyle, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, High-Tech, and Automotive. Our Trade Services team has expertise across all industries, government agencies, regulations, and ports so that we can help you stay ahead and plan accordingly upon any market changes.

Quality-driven management

GEODIS is committed to offering you irreproachable service quality and ensuring the safety of personnel everywhere and at any time; this is part of the GEODIS Golden Rules. We go all the way to providE you with top-quality service on an everyday basis in order to earn your and your customers' satisfaction. 

Certified processes

GEODIS applies high-security industrial-grade ISO and ISO TS certified processes throughout the supply chain:

  • Business continuity plan for crisis management
  • Duty procedures for management of potential risks
  • Implementation of project-methodology customer procedures (PDCA, Kaizen (5S), Six Sigma, etc.)
  • Lean management program

Quality driven management

For reliability and value creation throughout your supply chain,GEODIS practices quality-driven management:

  • Project methodology
  • Structured quality organization
  • Continuous improvement and quality management committees

Our commitments 

  • Front-line innovation
  • Operational excellence (with a global program of re-engineering and continuous improvement, implemented by a dedicated team applying industrial methodologies based on lean management practices)
  • Transparent communication



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