Delivering your goods from door-to-door on time from one continent to another is one thing. It's quite another to use this transit time to release your company's tied-up capital. Our Distribution & Cross-docking services allow you to increase your warehouse turnover rate, simplify administration and turn fixed overheads into floating costs.

Distribution & cross-docking

Distribution & cross docking

GEODIS is able to combine volumes from different origins and consolidate them into one final delivery to the consignee. This means you can reduce storage costs, improve transport economy by consolidating into one 'large' shipment and reduce inventory costs by streamlining the flow from the supplier. We can also deconsolidate large shipments for distribution to multiple consignees.

Pickup & labeling

While we are managing the flow of cargo we can pack and label products to prepare them for direct store deliveries. We can also re-pack and label to adapt to local market situations. Once the products reach your warehouse, you can get them straight onto the shelves.  

eFocus: Control tower

Smart supply chain managers recognize the importance of accurate and reliable monitoring, exception management, and reporting. Knowledge is power; and efficiency and effectiveness enables appropriate reactions to ensure a consistent flow of goods to your clients.

e-Focus is GEODIS's international transportation technology that allows companies to store and manage data online to eliminate the manual and time-consuming product classification process. e-Focus provides complete visibility into your global compliance process through order track and trace, purchase order management, ASN management, exception management, and vendor compliance for air and ocean shipments. This technology is fluent in all EDI languages, and can evolve at your pace to fit your specific needs. Our customers take an active role in working with us to evolve the e-Focus technology in order to continually enhance the system for their needs.

Visibility at your keyboard.

GEODIS's e-Focus Webtracker provides an integrated web-based logistics management system to access your data real time. Designed with you in mind, this system proactively provides updates on shipment and entry status along with alerts and reporting capabilities. No more sending emails to track down where in the Pacific your shipment is located, e-Focus empowers you to take control of your supply chain. Whether you operate across a few suppliers, or span thousands of trading partners, GEODIS's e-Focus is the robust visibility tool you need.




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IRIS is a single platform for booking management, shipment milestones/deviations, invoice tracking & notification management. The application is connected with our entire network of offices and agents.